Our programs feature the K/H System English Training Method that helps Japanese business people improve their speaking, listening and comprehension skills.  The method incorporates various techniques traditionally used in training simultaneous interpreters, and are based on our experience in teaching more than 7,500 business people in the U.S. and Japan over a ten-year period. Courses are designed to provide tools for achieving English proficiency that enables participants to be successful in cross-cultural communication at the advanced and professional level. There is also a strong emphasis on developing skills, such as logical thinking, cultural understanding and sensitivity. We believe these are essential to achieving effective communication in the international setting.

Major Japanese companies, including Toyota's U.S. operations, the Japanese government, and other organizations have utilized our programs and incorporated them as part of their in-house training curriculum. Our founding instructors have produced self-study materials “K/H System English Training Method” (2001) and “K/H System English Training Method-Workbook” (2002) published by ALC Publishing.

  • more than 10 years experience in providing language training courses both in the U.S. and Japan
  • extensive experience in working with Japanese companies in the U.S. to develop and providing in-house training for Japanese expatriates focusing on various areas of business communication
  • principal instructors have over ten years of experience, taught over 4,000 business and professional people working in cross-cultural environments
  • highly personalized attention to each participant taught by two instructors with a class-size limited to 30-35 participants
  • instruction in Japanese enabling participants more proficient and accurate understanding of subject matter resulting in faster and more efficient learning
  • provides essential skill foundation that enhances benefits from other training methods, particularly from immersion type trainings with native speakers

Main Instructors:
KUNII, Shinichi  Co-developer and instructor of K/H System English Training Programs. Extensive experience as an international conference interpreter. Also lecturer at Sophia (Jochi) University in Japan . MA in historical linguistics, Sophia University .

HASHIMOTO, Keiko  Co-developer and instructor of K/H System English Training Programs. Extensive experience as a freelance interpreter and translator. BA in Philosophy, University of Kent, England.

UTSUNOMIYA, Tomoko  K/H System English Training Program instructor. Extensive experience teaching mid- to long-term in-house training for major Japanese businesses and organizations. BA in English, Sophia University

YAMADA, Kanako  K/H System English Training Program instructor. Teaches training courses for major Japanese businesses and organizations. Also, oversees K/H System Correspondence Programs. BA in English, Sophia University.