This course places a strong emphasis on conversational English skills that can help participants in their day to day communication with their international colleagues. In this course, we examine some of the expressions commonly misused by Japanese expatriates, and introduced sets of key expressions that are appropriate and effective in the business environments. Participants will also learn to organize their statements following commonly used logical structures for a more clear and efficient communication.

Course Objectives
  • Learn to use appropriate expressions for various workplace situations
  • Recognize commonly misused phrases taught in Japan and learn to replace it with more appropriate expressions
  • Learn rules and hints of polite English
  • Learn to organize and present ideas using typical logical structure patterns
  • Learn characteristics that make for more effective communication in international workplaces
Recommended for
  • Those with TOEIC scores below 600
  • Those with TOEIC scores of 600 and above, but with limited understanding of English grammar and syntax